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Enjoy the traditional food of Guanacaste.

The Hotel Diria Santa Cruz is a wonderful place to stay while you are in the city. You will find that it is close to the beaches and all that is great about this region of Costa Rica. At the hotel we do not have a formal restaurant. However, we serve a delicious Costa Rican typical breakfast and we encourage you to get out and explore some of the many dining venues that the area has to offer for lunch and dinner. Many of those are within walking distance. With that in mind, here are some of the many options that you will encounter during your trip.

Breakfast at the hotel

We offer  a typical breakfast with coffee, juice, gallo pinto, natilla, eggs (fried or scrambled), and tortillas. Enjoy your morning coffee for a great start to another day in paradise.

The traditional cuisine of Guanacaste

You will find a number of dishes that are unique to this part of Costa Rica. Many of the typical dishes in Guanacaste contain corn. You will want to put Arroz de Maiz on your list of must try foods while you are in Santa Cruz. This is a meal that is made up of ground up corn and hen meat. You will also want to try Tamal de Cerdo. This is a delicious pork tamale that is made from potato dough. Inside the dough, you will find a number of ingredients including raisins, pork, pepper, carrots, and rice. You can eat these at any time of the day or night, so give them a try whenever you see them being sold. We are sure you will enjoy the traditional Guanacaste food.

Restaurant recommendations

Guanacaste is an international destination, so you will find a number of great restaurants in the area. Naturally, many of these serve up traditional Costa Rican dishes. However, there are more than a few that provide more of an international fare. Depending on the mood that you and your traveling party are in, you might want to try one of the following three Santa Cruz Costa Rica restaurants outline below at some point during your stay.


If you are looking for an authentic local dining experience, this is the restaurant you will want to visit. This is a women’s cooperative dining venue and it is extremely popular with the locals. This is where you can get a dish called Punto Gaunacasteco. You have not visited the region until you sample this local food.

La Fula

La Fula is a local Italian restaurant that serves authentic food. You will enjoy the range of pasta dishes and various sauces that they have created. The atmosphere is distinctly Italian with a dash of local Costa Rican culture thrown in.

El Tenedor

This is another local restaurant where you will be able to enjoy typical dishes. The food is always cooked fresh and you will enjoy the interaction with local residents as well.

Fast food nearby

There is quite a range of cuisine to enjoy throughout the region that Santa Cruz resides in. If you are looking for a quick bite to eat near the hotel one day, keep in mind that there are several options within a close distance. These include Pizza Hut, Subway, Twentys, and Pollolandia.

The location is perfect to easily visit the attractions in the area!

The room was confortable and very clean. The hotel has a nice pool. The location is perfect easily visit the attractions in the area.  Breakfast is very good and is served on a small restaurant next to the hotel.

Gustavo, September 2019.